Change Has Come

I’m not gonna give you the usual forced eloquence of my very mediocre blog entries. I will simply say that today is definitely different. November 5th is the first day of a brand new world. Where people have genuine interest in the political process. Where peace has a fighting chance. Where we truly are our brother’s keeper. Today the world is brighter. Today the dreams are manifest and God’s presence on earth could not be more real. The wrong begun eight years ago has been made right. The end of tyranny is within our grasp and we will soon be free. Free to live a life without fear, in authentic holiness and righteousness. A promise has been made to all Americans. It is beyond the promise of tax cuts, civil liberties, and health care. It is the promise to be present. The promise to walk together and witness to one another. It is exactly the type of promise that we need, that we can not afford to break. And luckily through God’s divine grace, this type of promise is impossible to break. And it is a promise well received all over the world; from Grant Park in Chicago, to a bus in Jamaica, Queens to a grade school in Japan and every place else. Faith is restored not just in America but in the idea of faith itself. And we are that much closer to a more perfect union.


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