Cops: Worst Television Program Ever

Last night one of the students was watching Cops. I don’t usually watch Cops, but I decided to watch this episode. They were in Indianapolis. The last segment, cops answered a domestic disturbance. They go into an apartment and they are met by a small black woman probably in her late forties. Her entire face was completely swollen. Her lips were bleeding and she had what I assume was a mixture of sweat and blood all over her sweater. The cops ask her what happened and she said it was just a misunderstanding. She had this look of complete despair and fear. She started crying, and pleaded to the cops to not arrest her boyfriend. The cops tell her he can’t hurt her if he is in jail. She starts crying even harder. They arrest the guy and call an ambulance for the lady. A little girl called the cops about the disturbance. As she described the incident, she said that the man took the woman’s head and repeatedly hit her head against a dumpster.

This ordeal reminded me why I don’t watch Cops. That segment really, REALLY pissed me off. It’s hard for me to understand how these situations arise. I’m not really talking about the argument that led to the woman’s assault. I’m not even talking about what led the woman into such a relationship. I’m talking about the entire aspect of the woman’s life. How did it get so bad for her? What was life like for her as a child? What kind of education did she receive? Did she have adequate health care both physical and mental? I am compelled to assume the worst. It makes me so mad. Why do some people have it so good and some people have it so bad? It isn’t fair. I feel moved to do something about it but what can I do? Is there anything I can do to make a difference in anybody’s life let alone some lady that I saw on TV? That brings up another question, what the hell is this kind of programming doing on TV anyway? Who finds this entertainment? You can’t tell me this program is helping people. You have to have some sort of disconnect to watch this kind of stuff. I’m far too sensitive for such programming. I wanted to cry. Assuming the situation was real, why put this poor woman’s awful life on TV? It’s sick. This type of programming is a reflection of all that is wrong in the world. It is two-fold. First is the actual situation taking place on the program; this poor woman and her abusive relationship. The second is the publication of the incident; the idea that this poor woman’s awful life can be marketed as entertainment. It’s a real shame.

One response to “Cops: Worst Television Program Ever

  1. Perspective. You certainly put a very real perspective on the situation.

    Beyond religion, beyond morality beyond all of that we are all called to leave some kind of innate dignity for one another.

    Some many times we use women and men and tv and situations like this as a means to an end. So many times people forget that these are real people, real situations.

    What’s worse is that we will never know what happens to that woman. The publicizing of it makes it all seem like some tv show, but when the cameras left and the microphones were put away nothing good really did come out of the situation, which we label: “entertainment.”

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